Welcome to Bunulu

Living on the coast is a unique experience. We have a certain attitude, a certain spirit, and a certain perspective like no other place on earth. Bunulu was born from the idea that this coastal lifestyle requires a unique, soulful, and comfortable approach to style.

At Bunulu, we are obsessed with what it means to live on the coast, and we are constantly searching for the most unique stuff to live outside conventional boundaries.

By dealing directly with trusted brands and the designers of small, independent labels, we continue to bring you the unexpected products you can’t find anywhere else—all in one place.

We believe that living the coastal lifestyle is one that goes past simple style and big brands that pander to the masses. For us it’s about harmonizing style and function. Along our journey we’ve curated a selection of goods that agree with our unique focus on life in the sun, water, and land that makes the coast of America unique.

We, like the brands we carry, are creators, not imitators, and together we help to define what coastal living is all about: style, originality, and soul.

 We can’t wait to show you what we found!

–        Team @Bunulu